Max Good


Max Good

the AI-Powered Coaching Platform

You struggle to give your coaching clients the attention they need. Max Good's customized Avatars give your clients attention any time they need it so you can focus on growth.

Seamless RL / AI Coaching.

Sync your real life interactions with your clients/staff into your Avatar and see their interactions with it. You and your Avatar work together to give them the attention they need.

Designed for Performance Coaching.

Leverage the advanced capabilities of GPT-4o, curated expert advice and hyper-contextualized data. Max Good provides your clients/staff with the ultimate performance coaching.

Your coaching clients need more attention!

It's hard to provide enough coaching to people to produce results! Lack of 1-on-1 time, missing the moment of need, insufficient attention! Heck! Some clients need hand-holding to achieve outstanding performance results.

With a Max Good Avatar, you can multiply your attention by 10x or more. Your Avatar offers seamless RL/AI coaching, and 24/7 availability to clients. It is already trained with licensed world-class expertise in productivity, sales, leadership, efficiency, agility and continuous improvement. And you can train your Avatar even more to include your own unique approach, expertise, knowledge and wisdom.

Here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Schedule a meeting to explore the benefits of Max Good for the people you are coaching.

Step 2: Onboard onto the Max Good system, customizing an Avatar to your specific needs.

Step 3: Invite your coaching clients to engage with your Max Good Avatar to achieve superior performance results.

In today's competitive market coaching is the not-so-secret competitive advantage. Without innovative tools like Max Good, you risk losing people to the places they can find the best coaching with the attention they need.

Use Max Good, the AI-Powered Coaching Platform, to give your people the attention they deserve and need so that their professional lives flourish and you can focus on growth.

Max Good includes these unique features

to help you scale up the size and effectiveness of your coaching work.

Your clients can rely on the guidance provided by Max Good because we have licensed expert content from industry leaders.

Max Good proactively checks in on your clients on a regular schedule so that you don't have to... It's not just a chat bot.

Max Good understands the unique needs of each of your clients to provide hyper-contextualized guidance relevant to them.

Create Avatars with personalities and private reference libraries that replicate your unique and proprietary approach to coaching.

Fine-tune your clients' experience and monitor the effectiveness of Max Good for your clients with RL/AI continuity features.

Schedule a Demo.

Position yourself at the forefront of coaching. Schedule a 30-minute demo and exploratory session to learn about Max Good and which type of Avatar suits your needs best.

Essential Avatars

Get support from specialized Essential Avatars created by coaches around the globe.

Essential Avatars are listed publicly in our marketplace. If you are looking for better coaching with more attention, personalization and expertise, you can learn more including how to sign up to an Avatar as a user.

Get a Glimpse of Max Good in Action

This video is a demo of the Max Good, AI Coach Essential Avatar subscription functionality: avatar setup, customizing a personalilty, user onboarding, analytics, accessing a private library.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments at .

Video coming soon.

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Enterprise Avatar

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  • Essential Avatar plus...
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced gamification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Workflow Integrations
  • Data management
  • Priority support


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  • Multiple Avatars
  • Full admin control
  • Choose your LLM
  • Choose your cloud
  • Custom integrations
  • Premium support
Use Cases for Essential Avatars
Essential Avatars give you the ability to attract and serve exactly the right kind of clients for your training, coaching or consulting business. These are some examples of the kinds of uses for an Essential Avatar subscription.
Trainer Companion
Load your students into your Essential Avatar at the beginning of a training program and get them to interact with it as an assistant, a foil, or to role-play. Craft assignments during training that allow them to try out techniques on your Avatar. Check how your students are doing along the way to ensure that you cover any gaps.
Inner Circle Coach
Give your Inner Circle clients exclusive access to your most valuable insight, support and guideance by configuring your Essential Avatar as if it was you! Load notes or transcripts of your RL interactions with your clients into your Essential Avatar so that it is always perfectly-tuned.
Scrum Master Assistant
As an Agile Coach, you know that Scrum Masters often need help when you're not available... and they just keep asking the same kinds of questions over and over! Load up your Essential Avatar with a massive list of FAQs for Scrum Masters, and relax in the confidence that they are getting support in their moment of need.
Board Governance Coach
Get your board members aligned with by bringing your Essential Avatar into board meetings and training sessions. Configure it with guidelines, regulations, and strategic insights to provide instant, reliable advice and feedback. This way, board members can access crucial information and make informed decisions.
Use Cases for Enterprise Avatars
Enterprise Avatars are like hiring tireless assistants to align, support and develop your staff in a private, secure and hyper-contextualized fashion. These are some examples of the kinds of uses for an Enterprise Avatar subscription.
OKR Reviewer
Align your team with strategic goals by using the OKR Reviewer. Your Enterprise Avatar can help ensure that Objectives and Key Results are well-defined, realistic, and aligned with company priorities. It reviews OKRs submitted by staff, providing feedback on clarity, measurability, and alignment with broader company objectives. This ensures consistent and focused effort across your organization, driving productivity and achieving key milestones.
Definition of Ready Coach
Streamline your project workflows with a Definition of Ready Coach. This Enterprise Avatar helps ticket creators submit user stories that meet the Definition of Ready criteria. It assists in identifying missing details, potential roadblocks, and dependencies, enabling receiving project teams to enter Sprints fully prepared. This proactive approach reduces bottlenecks, improves sprint outcomes, and enhances overall project efficiency.
Impediment Problem Solver
Empower your teams to overcome challenges quickly with the Impediment Problem Solver. Create an Enterprise Avatar designed to analyze blocked tickets, and suggest solutions for impediments that arise during project execution. By providing real-time guidance and leveraging integrated corporate data, you help teams resolve issues efficiently, minimizing downtime and keeping projects on track.
Corporate Vision Mom
Ensure unwavering alignment with your company’s vision through the Corporate Vision Mom. Deploy this Enterprise Avatar as a tireless and affectionate guardian of your corporate values, lovingly reminding everyone of the long-term goals and mission. It persistently reinforces the company’s vision in every interaction with your staff, ensuring that all activities and decisions stay true to the core values. By keeping the corporate vision front and center, this avatar fosters a cohesive and purpose-driven organizational culture.