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Unlock your potential as an Agile coach. Max Good helps you scale up to support your clients to achieve excellence with agility.

Here to support you.

With 24/7 availability, your clients access your coaching whenever they need it - no more limitations from time zones or busy schedules. With Max Good, you and your clients are never alone on your path to success.

Designed for Agile Coaching.

Leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of ChatGPT-4, Max Good combines curated expert advice and a suite of AI tools to provide you and your clients with a personalized and comprehensive online coaching experience.

Agile coaches face a critical challenge: providing extensive, high-quality support to their clients within budget constraints. Many clients struggle to afford the comprehensive assistance needed to achieve outstanding results using Agile methodologies. This gap often leads to suboptimal implementation and unrealized potential in Agile projects.

Introducing Max Good, AI Coach - your game-changing solution in the Agile coaching realm. Leveraging the power of AI, Max Good offers 24/7 access to world-class Agile expertise, including insights from Mary Poppendieck, a seasoned professional in lean product development, David J Anderson, the pioneer of the Kanban Method, and Lyssa Adkins, a leader in Agile coaching and organizational transformation.

Step 1: Schedule a meeting with us to explore the benefits of Max Good for your Agile coaching practice.

Step 2: Onboard onto the Max Good system, customizing it to your specific needs.

Step 3: Invite your clients to engage with Max Good to achieve superior results in Agile implementation.

In today's competitive market, the commodification of Agile coaching, rising inflation, and corporate spending cutbacks pose a significant threat. Without innovative tools like Max Good, you risk losing clients to more affordable Agile coaching alternatives. Staying ahead with Max Good is not just about maintaining relevance; it's about offering a high-value, cost-effective solution that meets the evolving economic challenges and keeps your client roster strong and growing.

Max Good includes several unique features

to help you scale up the size and effectiveness of your coaching practice.

Your clients can rely on the guidance provided by Max Good because we have exclusive licensed expert content from recognized industry leaders.

Max Good proactively checks in on your clients on a regular schedule so that you don't have to... It's not just a chat bot.

Max Good understands the unique needs of each of your clients to provide tailored guidance and recommendations relevant to them.

Unlock customized personalities and private reference libraries that Max Good uses to replicate your unique and proprietary approach to coaching.

Fine-tune your clients' experience and monitor the effectiveness of Max Good for your clients with the analytics dashboard.

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Position yourself at the forefront of Agile coaching. Benefit from the combined wisdom of leading Agile experts, driving significant improvements in your coaching practice. Your clients will experience enhanced Agile implementation, leading to higher productivity, better team dynamics, and outstanding project outcomes.

Sign-up today and transform your Agile coaching practice.


Get support from specialized avatars created by coaches around the globe.

Get a Glimpse of Max Good in Action

This video is a demo of the Max Good, AI Coach Essential Avatar subscription functionality: avatar setup, customizing a personalilty, user onboarding, analytics, accessing a private library.

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