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Introducing Max Good, AI Coach

Transform Your Management Experience

Are you a middle manager striving to lead your team effectively amidst ever-growing challenges? Look no further; Max Good, AI Coach is here to revolutionize your management experience and help you navigate the complexities of today's fast-paced business world.

As a middle manager, you face immense pressure from executive demands, bureaucracy, constant change, complexity, limited staff capacity, and budget constraints. We understand that managing a team of knowledge workers can be overwhelming and stressful.

You're caught in a challenging situation.

For instance, you might need to reduce your budget by 30% while still delivering results in a highly competitive market. Or, perhaps you've implemented Scrum and Kanban, but lost your coach, leaving you to juggle Agile coaching on top of your other responsibilities.

Max Good, AI Coach, is here to support you.

Combining the power of ChatGPT4, curated expert advice, and other AI tools, we offer an advanced personal assistant designed specifically for middle managers like you.

With Max Good, AI Coach, you'll have access to an array of features designed to save you time, money, and reduce stress:

  • Unlimited chat history, so you never lose context in your conversations
  • Max Good integrates expert content from recognized experts into its responses and shares the references so you can trust the advice you receive
  • Chat with Max Good through our web portal, direct email, or private Discord channel so you can access Max Good the way you want, when you want
  • Max Good uses advanced prompt engineering for focused, relevant responses so you never have to think too hard about your conversation… in fact, Max Good will ask you questions!
  • Convenient easy-copy function for seamless chat output transfer to other media

Built-in Expert Author content from some of the most trusted names in management.

Mary Poppendieck

Mary Poppendieck has had a diverse career, starting out as a process control programmer and eventually becoming a department manager in product development.


Felix Lin

Felix Lin is the CIO and founder of Konfidently, a company that aims to help businesses create a culture and leadership environment that empowers and drives employees to achieve their best.


Mishkin Berteig

Mishkin Berteig is a co-founder of BERTEIG, committed to transforming individuals, teams, and organizations to achieve Real AgilityTM since 1995.


Kanban University

Kanban University is an organization dedicated to the dissemination of the Kanban method. It offers various Kanban Trainings and certifications.


Max Good integrates seamlessly with many common business tools (with more on the way).


Microsoft Teams


Max Good is secured against normal threats and attacks and meets the data security needs for most large enterprises.

Don't wait to embrace the future of management tools.

Purchase a subscription to Max Good, AI Coach for just $99/month (USD), and experience a game-changing difference in your management approach.

As AI tools continue to disrupt knowledge work, you can't afford to be left behind. Stay ahead of the curve, and let Max Good, AI Coach help you adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of management.

Say goodbye to the stress of navigating complex management situations alone. With Max Good, AI Coach, you'll gain a reliable, expert partner that empowers you to lead your team to success.

Embrace the future of management with Max Good, AI Coach. Subscribe today and transform your leadership experience.

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The image on the left is a screenshot of the actual Max Good, AI Coach system. This user-friendly interface offers you an advanced chat experience, featuring an easy-copy function, quick access to reference materials, and unlimited chat history.

Please note that some details may change before the official launch, but rest assured that we are committed to providing a powerful and intuitive tool to support your management journey.

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