Max Good




  • Limited personalization
  • Some expert content




*Price may vary

  • Everything in professional
  • Enterprise content
  • Analytics



  • Everything in team
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Integrations
  • Data management

Detailed Comparison

Free Professional Team Enterprise
Coaching Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Personalization Cannot be Changed After Intake Fully Customizable Fully Customizable Fully Customizable
Expert Content Up to Two References Up to Three References Up to Six References Up to Six References
LLM's ChatGPT 3.5 ChatGPT 4 ChatGPT 4 ChatGPT 4
Free Mastermind X Twice a week Twice a week At your convenience
Enterprise Content X X Full Full
Analytics X X Full Full
Sentiment Analysis X X X Full
Integrations X X X Full
Data Management X X X Full
Extra Security X X X Full

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