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  • Essential Avatar plus...
  • Unlimited users
  • Advanced gamification
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Workflow Integrations
  • Data management
  • Priority support


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  • Multiple Avatars
  • Full admin control
  • Choose your LLM
  • Choose your cloud
  • Custom integrations
  • Premium support

Detailed Comparison of Account Types

Essential Avatar Enterprise Avatar Self-Hosted
Super-simple and predictable billing!
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users / Account
Your Avatar, your business model! Serve the masses or create an exclusive group.
Some limits apply Unlimited Unlimited
Users of your Avatar can personalize their own accounts AND you can layer on personalization for each of your users.
Self-Serve Integrated with corporate data Integrated with corporate data
User Management
Includes bulk-load features, SSO and user access expiry dates.
Self-Serve up to 100 users, some limits apply Unlimited Users Unlimited Users
Expert Content References
Every interaction with your Avatar can be informed by our foundational content. We are always licensing more and better experts for our foundational content. See our current list of Expert Authors.
Up to Three per interaction Configurable # and reference strength Configurable # and reference strength
Private Content References
Up to Three per interaction Configurable # and reference strength Configurable # and reference strength
Private Content Load
Use your own sources of expertise to ensure that your Avatar is providing the right information to your users. Blog articles, standard operating procedures, glossaries, essays, privately-licensed content, etc.
Self Serve Management (although we provide help to get you started!) Full Support Full Support/Integrated
We are constantly testing and re-testing to make sure that your Avatars are using the best LLM for the job.
GPT-4o GPT-4o by default, switchable to a limited number of pre-tested options that meet both quality and security requirements Configurable - You can use any LLM that provides an API and has a minimum context window size of 32k
Custom Personality ("Avatar")
The core concept of Max Good! Each Avatar helps you serve your clients/staff and it needs direction on how to do so!
One Custom Personality - self-serve and testing, but we provide examples and support to get you started! One Custom Personality - you get full support with crafting, testing and maintaining your Avatar's personality Unlimited number of Personalities
Public Avatar Listing
Your Avatar gets listed on the website, with a link to your landing page of choice.
Yes, at the end of your free trial period. Optional (private by default) No
White Labeling
Your logo, your colors, your domain name.
No - co-branding only Optional for an additional fee Yes
Coaching Continuity
One of our most powerful features: make sure that your clients/staff are getting integrated support from you and your Avatar! You can see and respond to their interactions with your Avatar, and you can make sure that your Avatar knows about your clients/staff RL interactions with you.
Yes (basic capability, manual updating) Yes with Integrations Yes with Integrations
Free Mastermind
Mishkin Berteig gets on an exclusive Zoom call with Avatar owners to share updates, get feedback and provide a venue for you to learn from other Avatar owners on best-practices, use cases and business models.
Twice a week Twice a week Twice a week, plus a private session at your convenience up to once per month.
Understand how your users are interacting with your Avatar and your private content.
Standard metrics Customizable Customizable
Sentiment Analysis
X Coming Soon Customizable
Interaction channels
Your users can interact with your Avatar through a variety of tools, messaging systems and channels.
Web chat / Email ( Web chat / Email ( - custom email address coming soon) / MS Teams / Discord Access (Slack coming soon!), workflow tools' messaging systems integration Fully Customizable
Data Management
Part of the hyper-contextualization we provide is to manage data about the users of your Avatar such as assessments, certifications, performance evaluations, etc. This data is used by your Avatar to ensure that the coaching is always exactly right for each person!
Manual data updating Manual with APIs to integrate with enterprise systems or connect to custom data sources Manual with APIs to integrate with enterprise systems or connect to custom data sources
We have recently started our journey towards SOC 2 Type 2 compliance. While we are not there yet, we have many of the basic techincal aspects, controls and systems in place to ensure a high degree of security. All our clients will benefit from this strong foundation.
Full Full Customizable - we will meet your security audit needs

For more questions about our pricing options please refer to our FAQ page .