Max Good




  • Limited personalization
  • Some expert content


10% Discount





  • Everything in free
  • All expert content
  • More advanced LLM
  • Free Mastermind

Enterprise Avatar





  • Everything in Essential Avatar
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Workflow Integrations
  • Data management

Detailed Comparison of Account Types

Free Professional Essential Avatar Enterprise Avatar
Interactions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Users / Account 1 1 Some limits apply Unlimited
Personalization Cannot be Changed After Intake Self-Serve Fully Customizable Fully Customizable
User Management X X Self Serve up to 8 Users Unlimited Users
Expert Content References Up to Two Up to Three Up to Three Up to Three
Private Content References X X Up to Three References Up to Three References
Private Content Load X X Self Serve Full Support
LLM's ChatGPT 3.5 ChatGPT 4 ChatGPT 4 ChatGPT 4
Coach Personality Yes Yes Yes Yes
Assistant Personality X Yes Yes Yes
Custom Personality ("Avatar") X X One Custom Personality One Custom Personality
Public Avatar Listing X X Yes Optional (private by default)
Coaching Continuity X X Yes Yes
Multi-Avatar Setup X X X Yes
Free Mastermind X Twice a week Twice a week At your convenience
Analytics X X Full Full
Sentiment Analysis X X X Full
Web/Email/Discord Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
MS Teams/Slack Access X Yes Yes Yes
Jira/ADO Plugin X X X Yes
Data Management X X Manual Automatable
Extra Security X X X Full

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