Max Good

Open Positions:

Agent of Max Good - Sales and Partnerships

Join our global team of Agents of Max Good (AoMG) to help make work better for everyone.
As an Agent of Max Good, you will report to one of our existing Global Agents of Max Good to help us:
  • find clients for our "Essential Avatar" and "Enterprise Avatar" products,
  • select regionally/locally established expert authors to add to our list of Licensed Experts, and
  • develop partnerships with complementary regional/local businesses to extend our reach and impact.
Agent of Max Good positions are 100% performance-based compensation and 100% virtual.
Your location doesn't matter... your connections do matter. You must be:
  • persisent
  • focused
  • driven to help
  • and highly independent
Skills required:
  • Business: marketing, social media, business writing, financial modeling.
  • Technology: Hubspot, Miro, and office document tools (we use LibreOffice).
  • Sales: networking, lead generation, outbound calling, proposal-writing, product demonstrations, closing.
  • Other: this is not a traditional corporate sales position; you will be working with a high degree of independence and autonomy. Your mindset must be world-class.
Other factors: You must be prepared to work according to the standards and expectations of both and your Global Agent of Max Good.


Working for

We are a fully-virtual, diverse, trusting team dedicated to serving people in their work lives with AI tools and technology. We believe that people want to work on meaningful stuff that makes the world better, in ways that allow them to grow, and with a high degree of professional freedom. Considering joining us if you also believe these things.

We pay fair wages for the work you do and the location you work from, regardless of any other factors.

We select team members and contractors based on mindset and diversity of experience. As a startup, we can't afford to hire people with a fixed mindset or narrow specialization. Don't send us a one-page resume. Send us a ten- or twenty-page curriculum vitae so we can really get to know you. Or, just make sure that your LinkedIn profile is truly up-to-date and complete and send us that.

We always hire based on the highest legal and ethical standards. We want to make sure that we are doing right by you. In fact, we avoid doing one-on-one interviews because they are so prone to bias! We screen strictly on the basis of what we find in your CV/LI, and we assess your candidacy based on a strict and fair set of criteria including background checks.