Max Good

Benefits of Max Good, AI Coach

Q:How does Max Good help improve management outcomes?

Max Good leverages AI to deliver personalized, consistent, and contextually relevant coaching for management. By using its large language model, it offers insights and guidance on a wide variety of management topics. It helps in developing crucial management skills, fosters better decision-making, and encourages the adoption of best practices, thus improving management outcomes.

Q:How does Max Good maintain consistency in coaching?

Unlike human coaches, Max Good's AI-powered coaching is not influenced by mood, bias, or other human factors. It maintains a high level of consistency by providing coaching based on curated expert content and your specific business context. This ensures you get the same high-quality advice, whether you're interacting with it for the first time or the hundredth.

Q:What is the free Mastermind?

The free Mastermind is a support group for professional, team, and enterprise users to get the best results from Max Good. We have twice weekly Zoom meetings along with a WhatsApp discussion group. Email for more details.

Q:Can Max Good adapt to my specific business needs and personal context?

Yes, Max Good excels at providing personalized coaching tailored not only to your unique business needs and challenges but also to individual users' roles, expertise, and other factors. It is capable of incorporating your company-specific content and context, including policies, vision statement, and more, into its coaching. For team and enterprise clients, Max Good ensures that each member receives personalized coaching relevant to their individual role and expertise while aligning with the broader context and objectives of the team and organization. This level of personalization makes Max Good's coaching highly relevant and effective.

Q:Can Max Good cater to a multinational organization?

Yes, Max Good is capable of catering to multinational organizations. Its AI-driven coaching services can be tailored to reflect the unique challenges, policies, and procedures of businesses operating in multiple countries.

Expert Authors and Max Good

Q:Who are some of the Expert Authors whose content is incorporated into Max Good?

Max Good leverages the expert knowledge of several renowned figures in the fields of management, lean operations, and Agile methodology. Some of our featured authors include Mishkin Berteig, David J Anderson, Doug Allen, and Mary Poppendieck, among others. Our list of Expert Authors is continuously expanding to incorporate a broad spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

Q:How does Max Good utilize the content from Expert Authors like Mishkin Berteig or Mary Poppendieck?

The insights and knowledge from our Expert Authors are woven into the AI-driven coaching provided by Max Good. This curated expert content is used to inform the guidance and advice that Max Good provides, ensuring you're receiving trusted, high-quality information. Additionally, when Max Good references this expert content in its coaching, it provides you with links so that you can delve deeper into the topic at your leisure.

Q:Does Max Good only use content from one expert author at a time during a coaching session?

No, one of the key advantages of Max Good is its ability to draw upon a vast range of expert content from multiple authors simultaneously. This enables Max Good to provide the most comprehensive, relevant, and valuable advice possible. Instead of being limited to the knowledge of a single expert, you benefit from the combined wisdom of several experts in the field of management. This wide-reaching perspective, enriched by the insights of various thought leaders, empowers you with a robust understanding and diverse approaches to tackle your management challenges.

Max Good Features and Technology

Q:What technologies are used to create Max Good?

Max Good uses multiple large language models (LLMs) to perform various aspects of its coaching duties. These LLMs are used to create responses, check that content is good, summarize content, and several other tasks. Max Good also uses AWS, Pinecone and MongoDB and is coded using Python.

Q:How can I integrate Max Good into my existing workflow?

Max Good is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing workflow. Its 24/7 availability ensures that you can access its services whenever you need them. Max Good can also work with various digital tools and platforms, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Q:What specialties does Max Good currently have expertise in?

Max Good currently has expertise in management topics such as Lean, Scrum, Product Development, Coaching, Stress, and a few other specialties. We are continuously expanding our areas of expertise to better serve our users.

Q:Does Max Good offer any analytics or insights on my progress?

Yes, Max Good provides analytics at various levels. For individuals, it generates personalized reports highlighting your progress, areas of improvement, and actionable insights based on your interactions with the platform. For teams and enterprises, it can provide broader analytics that indicate overall trends, collective strengths, and areas where the group can improve, all while maintaining individual privacy and confidentiality. This multi-level approach to analytics allows you to track development over time, optimize learning strategies, and ensure alignment with your team or organization's objectives.

Q:Can I load my own documents to Max Good?

We are actively working on this feature. In the near future, paid users will be able to load some of their own documents to Max Good. This feature will allow users to leverage some of their own content with our platform, enhancing their coaching experience. Max Good will reference this personal content when appropriate based on the coaching interactions you are having with Max Good.

Account Management

Q:How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by emailing or by contacting your account representative. Your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

Q:Our team size is fluctuating. How flexible is the team subscription model?

The team subscription model is designed to be flexible to meet your team's needs. You can add or remove members as needed. Changes will be reflected in the subsequent billing cycle. You only pay for what you use, and you can scale up or down as necessary.

Q:Can Max Good analyze my conversation history?

Max Good automatically uses your conversation history in formulating its responses to you. However, by default, the Max Good Human Team does not analyze individual conversation histories. However, if you provide written permission by email, we can look at your conversation history to better understand your needs and potentially identify any unusual issues. Please note that we always respect your privacy and confidentiality.

Q:I have a professional subscription, can I add more team members to my account?

If you want to add more team members, you will need to upgrade your subscription to the team level. The upgrade to a team-level subscription comes with a fee of $499/month. Once upgraded, you will be able to add team members in the "Team" section of your account settings. Each additional team member will be billed at $49/month/user.

Q:What happens to our data if we decide to end our subscription?

If you decide to end your subscription, you can download your individual conversation data at any time before the end of your subscription. Please note that only the individual who owns the data can download their personal conversations. As for data retention after subscription cancellation, the policies may vary depending on the type of account, and these details can be found in the specific terms and conditions for each type of account.

Q:I'm part of a team subscription, can I manage my personal settings separately?

Yes, even within a team subscription, each member can manage their personal settings. This includes your profile information, professional information, and other personal preferences.

Max Good vs. a Human Coach

Q:How does the availability of Max Good compare to a human coach?

Max Good, as an AI-powered coach, is available 24/7 and can provide support and guidance at a faster response time compared to a human coach. This ensures you can get coaching whenever and wherever you need it. Currently, you can interact with Max Good through text messaging on the web app, email, and Discord. The team behind Max Good is also working to expand its services onto other popular messaging platforms and mediums in the near future to ensure even more accessibility and convenience.

Q:How does the depth of knowledge of Max Good compare to a human coach?

Max Good possesses an extensive knowledge base derived from curated expert content, providing it a broad and deep understanding of management topics, techniques, and skills. Furthermore, it can swiftly recall and appropriately apply relevant expert knowledge in the context of coaching interactions, a capability that surpasses human limitations in timely information recall and connection making. While human coaches also possess expertise, they might not always make the appropriate connections or recall the information in a timely manner, which gives Max Good an edge with its expansive, readily-accessible knowledge base.

Q:How does Max Good integrate and use my company's specific information compared to a human coach?

Max Good can incorporate your company-specific content and context into its coaching, such as policies, vision statements, and more. This ensures the advice and guidance you receive is relevant to your specific business context. While a human coach can also incorporate your company information, they may require more time to understand and apply this information compared to Max Good's immediate integration capability.

Q:How does Max Good ensure consistency compared to a human coach?

Max Good's AI-powered coaching is not influenced by mood, bias, or other human factors. It maintains a high level of consistency by providing coaching based on curated expert content and your specific business context. Human coaches, while also professional, can have variable performance due to natural human factors like mood or fatigue.

Q:Can Max Good personalize coaching sessions as effectively as a human coach?

Yes, Max Good uses AI technology to personalize your coaching experience based on your specific needs and context. The AI can learn from your interactions and progressively tailor the coaching sessions to your requirements. While human coaches can also offer personalized coaching, Max Good's ability to continuously learn from vast amounts of data can lead to a high degree of personalization.

Q:Is Max Good as reliable as a human coach in terms of confidentiality?

Max Good is programmed to respect user confidentiality. It adheres to stringent data privacy laws and protocols, ensuring your information is kept secure. To further bolster confidentiality and protect personal information, Max Good also employs data anonymization techniques. These techniques prevent the identification of users from the data stored or processed by Max Good. Human coaches, bound by professional ethics, also maintain confidentiality, but Max Good's adherence to security is enforced through programmed protocols, robust data security measures, and advanced techniques such as data anonymization.

Max Good vs. ChatGPT

Q:How does Max Good differ from ChatGPT?

While both Max Good and ChatGPT are powered by large language models, Max Good is specifically designed for management coaching. It uses curated expert content in management topics to provide reliable and accurate guidance. Additionally, Max Good can incorporate client-specific context and content into its coaching, a feature not present in general-purpose models like ChatGPT.

Q:How does the personalization offered by Max Good compare to ChatGPT?

Max Good is designed to provide personalized management coaching based on your unique needs and the context of your business. It's capable of learning from your interactions and tailoring its coaching to your requirements. While ChatGPT can provide responses based on the input it's given, it lacks the same depth of personalization and context-specific tailoring that Max Good offers.

Q:Why does Max Good sometimes perform differently from ChatGPT?

Max Good is a coach specifically tailored for managers to become better at producing business results and creating good work environments. As such, it often asks questions to understand or get you to think about things before providing in-depth answers, unlike ChatGPT which generally generates immediate responses. If you ask Max Good to do something that is not related to its speciality in management coaching, it may not perform as well as ChatGPT, which is a general-purpose AI model. In some cases, Max Good will refuse to provide you support - it will not help you write a fantasy novel, for example. In particular, setting up your profile allows Max Good to know more about you and better respond to your needs in ways that are quite powerful and different from ChatGPT.

Q:How does the expertise of Max Good compare to ChatGPT?

Max Good's expertise lies in its targeted approach towards management coaching. It leverages content from expert authors in management to provide advice and coaching. Compared to ChatGPT, Max Good is less likely to "hallucinate" or generate inaccurate or irrelevant information. This makes Max Good more reliable and trustworthy for the purposes of management coaching. On the other hand, ChatGPT has a broad range of knowledge across many subjects but lacks the targeted management content and personalized coaching that Max Good offers.

Q:Is Max Good as versatile as ChatGPT?

Max Good and ChatGPT are versatile in different ways. ChatGPT can generate text on a wide range of topics, making it a general-purpose AI model. On the other hand, Max Good is highly specialized and dedicated to providing personalized, contextually relevant management coaching, utilizing its AI technology and curated expert content to offer specific and targeted advice. However, Max Good will maintain its focus on management coaching; if a user makes requests that are too far removed from this domain, such as help in writing a fantasy novel, Max Good will refuse to assist in such scenarios. Its mission is to ensure quality and expert guidance in the realm of management coaching.

Q:Does Max Good have the same capabilities as ChatGPT in terms of language understanding and generation?

Max Good, like ChatGPT, is powered by a large language model which gives it a strong capability in understanding and generating text. However, Max Good's responses are specifically targeted towards management coaching, and its ability to incorporate curated expert content and client-specific context into its coaching sets it apart.


Q:What current integrations does Max Good support?

At present, Max Good integrates seamlessly with various platforms including email, Discord, and Microsoft Teams. This allows you to access the AI coaching tools within these platforms that you might already be using, enhancing the convenience and usability of Max Good's services.

Q:Are there plans for more integrations in the future?

Yes, Max Good is continually expanding its integration capabilities. In the future, we plan to integrate with various assessment tools and work management tools. This will allow Max Good to better serve you by connecting with the tools you use daily. More integrations will be announced soon as part of our commitment to continually improve and enhance your experience with Max Good. Stay tuned!

Q:Will there be an API for Max Good available?

Currently, publishing an API for Max Good is not in our immediate roadmap. However, we are open to potential collaborations where interested parties can integrate Max Good as a co-branded service into their own tools, systems, or workflows. This includes potential arrangements as semi-white-label resellers. If you're interested in such a partnership, we encourage you to reach out to us for more detailed discussions.